Technical Consulting

Regardless if you are moving from a monolith towards a distributed system or building a new product for your startup, you and your team might ask yourself questions such as:

  • Would we benefit from a Microservice architecture?
  • How will a Microservice architecture impact our organization?
  • How can we use Domain-Driven Design to succeed with our development?
  • How should our teams be formed in order to work together effectively?
  • How can using cloud services help us scale or minimize cost and maintenance?
  • How should we handle deployment and operations?
  • What new technologies do we need to learn?
  • What should we build ourselves and what should we buy?

We have been building software as well as coaching and training teams in successful companies within domains such as Gaming, HealthTech, Banking, FinTech and more. In our 30+ years of industry experience, we know there are no simple answers to these questions.

What we do

We provide consultation to your technical leaders (CTO, architects, team leads, developers) and work closely with them to improve your development strategy and find solutions that fit your business.

About us

Jesper Hammarbäck
Co-Founder, CTO and Senior Consultant
Mattias Holmqvist
Co-Founder, CEO and Senior Consultant

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